Honey Wound Care Products: A More Natural Solution



More Affordable.

ManukaMed is a cost-effective option that can save you as much as 85% over traditional silver-based wound care products.

No Prescription Needed.

Available without a prescription, you can pick up ManukaMed without having to visit the doctor. Choose your products online and ship them straight to your door.

Effective. Not Cytotoxic. No Bacterial Resistance.

Key actions of honey include broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, provision of a moist wound environment, autolytic debridement, wound deodorization, stimulation of wound healing, anti-inflammatory activity, immuno-modulatory properties, and reduction of oedema.

There is well-documented evidence for bacterial resistance to silver (Maillard, 2006), but there is no evidence of bacteria becoming resistant to honey (Cooper et al, 2010).

Honey-based treatments have been found to be preferential to silver due to comparative lack of toxicity (DuToit and Page, 2009). Clinical studies have found that silver-impregnated dressings are potentially cytotoxic to proliferating cells. Honey, by comparison, favors cell proliferation and was not shown to be cytotoxic (Cooper and Gray, 2012).

Amazing Outcomes.

"Honey dressings make the wounds sterile in less time, enhance healing, and have a better outcome in terms of hypertropic scars and postburn contractures, as compared to SSD dressings" (Gupta et al, 2011).



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