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How effective are ManukaMed’s products?

ManukaMed medical grade Manuka honey wound care dressings are highly effective in closing difficult and chronic wounds, and healing wounds in less time. Click here for before and after wound closure photos of actual patient cases.


Is ManukaMed covered by public and private insurance?

ManukaMed wound care dressings are covered by most insurances.


What types of wounds do ManukaMed products perform best?  What are the indications?

ManukaMed wound care sterile single-use dressings are indicated for leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns (superficial and partial thickness), diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, skin tears, and skin grafts including the donor site.


At what stage should I consider using ManukaMed for wound care?

ManukaMed medical grade honey wound dressings should be applied at the commencement of wound treatment through to closure completion.


Are ManukaMed products USFDA approved?  Is it being used in the US?

ManukaMed wound care products are USFDA approved as sterile single-use 510(k) medical devices.


How do I trial the products?

Please contact ManukaMed at 800-881-3654, or email to


What is the average duration before dressing change is required with ManukaMed products?

During the first week of use the dressings should be changed every 1 to 3 days, then as needed.


There are several products with Manuka honey? Is ManukaMed different?

Manuka honey (Leptospermum scoparium) from ManukaMed is a high potency medical grade honey. It is superior to other medical grade honeys as measured by the methylglyoxal concentration and anti-bacterial activity. ManukaMed produces its own honey, owns over 30,000 bee hives in Manuka forest in New Zealand, and has proprietary processes and quality controls to produce its medical grade honey and wound dressings. ManukaMed is ISO certified for medical devices.


How does ManukaMed perform compared to silver dressings?

ManukaMed Leptospermum scoparium honey wound dressings are superior in anti-bacterial activity to other honey wound dressings and versus silver gel, as proven by 17 randomized clinical trials and published peer-reviewed papers.


How easy are ManukaMed products to use?

ManukaMed wound care dressings are very simple and easy to apply and change. See our 8 Easy Steps.


Do ManukaMed products help with odor?

ManukaMed Leptospermum scoparium honey wound dressings have a high sugar content which reduces wound bed odor.


Is ManukaMed located in the US?  

ManukaMed USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of ManukaMed Inc. of New Zealand. The US headquarters is located in Franklin, Tennessee, and the warehouse/distribution center is in Kansas City, MO.

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