Who We Are

ManukaMed USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of ManukaMed Ltd. of New Zealand. ManukaMed USA is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

We are global leaders in the scientific development of effective, value-based wound care solutions that address the field’s most complex challenges, at any stage in the clinical treatment process. Driven by our vision to help people discover the healing properties of high-performance bioactive chemical compounds derived from Manuka honey, we are dedicated to serving medical communities and patients around the world to alleviate pain and suffering caused by chronic wounds.

We strive to create meaningful, educational interactions about the scientifically proven benefits of ManukaMed’s medical grade Leptospermum scoparium (LS) or Manuka honey delivery system solutions. We are passionate about sharing statistically powerful evidence that demonstrates our products’ faster, better results for patients, even in the most advanced non-healing wounds. We take great pride and confidence in the reports of clinicians who document our products’ clinical efficacy, ease of use and unparalleled patient outcomes.



Our Vision and Our Values


Evidence based

Scientific rigor and empirical evidence
Researchers, scientists, physicians
Credibility and continuous innovation

Results oriented

Faster, better, proven patient results
Superior clinical outcomes
Preference among clinicians

Education focused

Clinical excellence and best practices
Scientific discovery and innovation
Knowledge sharing and communication

Patient centered

Healing and quality of life
Value-based products
Ease of use by clinicians

Our Heritage, Our Source

ManukaMed, founded by research scientist Denis Watson, was developed with the vision to heal patients around the world who suffer from chronic wounds. Our parent company is based in New Zealand, and in collaboration with dozens of landowners across the island, is responsible for the exclusive monofloral sourcing and production of ManukaMed’s medical grade honey or Leptospermum scoparium (LS).  ManukaMed scientists are able to use the uniquely potent Manuka honey, originating from the nectar of the indigenous Manuka tree flower.


Our Credentials

ManukaMed is a member of professional organizations dedicated to advancing the science of medical grade honey wound care. These are some of the organizations in which ManukaMed is active.

  • American Podiatric Medical Association
  • American Burn Association



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